Hi, my name is

Graziela Bispo

I am a Brazilian designer extremely passionate about solving problems, exploring and creating new things. My expertise covers the entire design process, participating in all steps from the problem to the idea. Building the strategy, the concepts, organizing and interviewing users, defining deliverables and steps, completely hands-on in Interaction Design and UI Design. I follow the developers to always keep the highest quality and monitor results to ensure continuous improvement.

I have 11+ years of experience working with Design, but I have been working as a UX Designer since 2012, and today I am working at Abastece aí, one of the Ultra group companies. I am a senior UX designer and one of the responsible for creating the UX Research area inside the company. My principal role there is look at the product life cycle and analytic their metrics.


Phone: +55 11 98724-4596

E-mail: graziela.souza@bisodesign.com 

Zoom ID: 4791673244 

Featured projects

Take a peek at my UX cases

Improving Claro’s sales process, thereby reducing sales time.

Developing a customizable dashboard to reduce time for the maturity team.

Facilitated design thinking sessions for the homepage redesign.

An application to connect producer and seller, improving their negotiations.