Graziela Bispo

UX Designer at IBM

Design Thinking - in IBM's customer

To make usability more functional and with more friendly interface, I facilitated three season design thinking sessions for the homepage redesign by S2M, a Santander’s system.

Speed 2 Marketing

S2M is a system where users can analyze data from devops, productivity, application quality, projects, architecture and maturity of the teams, in dashboard, filter and lists format. Being that each item is considered as modules that are developed by different teams.

My role in this project

I worked as a senior UX designer and  I was involved in a whole range of UX Research and User Interface activities.I worked in a Santander’s project where I was responsible for three squads by S2M. 

My main activities for this project:
Prototype, test and demonstrate new versions of the product with users and stakeholders
Lead UX chapter for one year
Define the main KPIs from a dashboard platform
Facilitate design thinking sessions for the homepage redesign of an architecture platform
Implement research methodologies & best practice into the digital development process

Tools used


Design Thinking

I was facilitator of three design thinking sessions with the participation of the development team , users and stakeholders. With the objective understand who are the personas by S2M and define the new homepage. In this sessions was built three type of personas and we were able to describe what each one would like to see in the new homepage.

In the sessions we also identified that besides leave more usual navigation of the platform menu and give users an overview of the situation of each module. The CIO / manager wants to have this vision by direct subordinate and the Team Leader is interested in seeing only information that has convergence with the daily activities of his team.


After we to analyze the personas and yours pains we start describe what they each one would like to see at homepage. That’s the reason we chose Emanuel and Laura to focus on the bigger flow. Where the user could see numerical data, indicators and trends of the area as a whole.

Paper prototype

Unfortunately, due to the schedule of some users and stakeholders, we did not do the prototyping part all together, each designer tried to draw some screen suggestion from the results of design thinking, but as I was the leader of the ux of that project, I was chosen to create that flow. So I made some drawings on paper to discuss the development team.

Digital prototypes

Restructuring the new S2M homepage, making the menu more accessible and offer the option of customizing information and dashboards. This solution came from the insight obtained during the design thinking sessions.

Results & learning

In this project I had the opportunity to facilitate design thinking sessions on my own and I was able to learn a lot about how I should lead. This delivery brought great value to the project because it gave users the freedom to configure their home page, leaving the sample only relevant information for each one.

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