Graziela Bispo

UX Designer at IBM

IBM customer maturity team - UX

Developing a customizable dashboard to reduce time for the maturity team. In addition to giving more management autonomy to all Scrum Masters, Project Managers and Agile Coaches who work in Santander bank squads.

Maturity team

Santander is one of the largest banks in Brazil and is constantly growing digitally. That is why it is so important to have a way of analyzing the maturity of their teams.

Maturity measures how much the Santander bank squads know about certain spheres, such as architecture, devops, agile, among others. The area does this through a questionnaire where users answer Yes / No. When the user answers no, the Scrum Master must create an action plan to be able to answer Yes in the next cycles, so the system creates a range of scores and levels for each squad.

My role in this project

I worked as a senior UX designer and I was involved in a whole range of UX Research and User Interface activities. I worked on a Santander project where I was responsible for three squads. One of them was the maturity team. Where I had to apply the design processes within the agile methodology. One of the challenges I had was to digitize a manual process, such as the maturity book.

What is the maturity book?
The maturity book is a report compiled from the questionnaires, which give an overview of all managers, showing what level they and their squads are at.

Tools used

Google form

Understanding the problem

In the product owner’s view the problem I had to solve was to automate reports in cycles on the platform. This is because manual input of the monthly activity was required.

As this information would not be used only by the PO, deciding to conduct a qualitative research to have a greater understanding of what information users would really need and whether it would make sense to have this material online on the platform. I started by asking a question script and then I recruited some users that has leader profile such as SM, PO, Agile Coach and Project manager, because this was the it one the our personas.


Cluster of responses

  • Team management
  • Action Plan Report
  • What is the goal of maturity for the bank?
  • Indicators
  • Questionnaire objectivity
  • Evolution of the Action Plan
  • Action Plan Management
  • Simplified view
  • Squad Vision
  • Comparative Between Squads

Analisando os resultados das entrevistas, ficou claro qual seria o problema na visão dos usuários, não era apenas uma questão de mudar o formato do book de PDF para online e customizável, mas sim deixar em evidência as informações que realmente eram importantes.


After metrifying all the research carried out with users and understanding what information would be necessary for more efficient team management, I drew some wireframes on paper. With the wireframes in hand, I constantly discussed with the dev team and the PO to align the features.

Digital prototypes

After finishing all the study of the flow and functionalities to be implemented in this maturity book, I developed a high-fidelity prototype, which I used to carry out usability tests. In addition to validating behaviors and interactions with the Product Owner and the development team.

All flow was integrated into the existing maturity management, where users currently track their maturity notes and the status of the click, whether it was in progress or closed. The choice of access to the customizable maturity book by management was given by the similarity of information, both show, through dashboards, information regarding the teams as a whole, regarding maturity.

Usability test

To validate the flow and functionality of the new maturity book, I performed a usability test with the high-fidelity navigable prototype. First, I structured a task script based on the items I needed to validate. Then I recruited the same profile of users who performed the survey by email. Finaly I metered the results and made adjustments in prototype based on users feedbacks.

Results & learning

I learned to better manage my time, among all this research and validation process, with the performance in other teams. In addition, I managed to win the trust of managers, showing the importance of bringing users close to the product and listening to them constantly. Bellow you can watch the video the finnaly prototype.

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