Graziela Bispo

UX Designer at IBM

Claro's sales system - Redesign

Claro it is one of the largest telecom companies in Brazil, giving its customers several options for plans and chip activations. In 2017, it decided to simplify its sales systems to a single platform, the seller could carry out the entire sales transaction or deal with problems with activations in one place.

Simplified activation

Thinking about digital restructuring in your sales systems and dealing with possible problems in sales. Claro approached Triggo Labs to hold a design thinking workshop. They could idealize together what would be the best way to reduce the time in the sales process and consequently the cost.

My role in this project

During my time at Sysmap Solutions I was a UX designer for one of Sysmap’s large customers Claro, I was involved in a whole range of UX Research activities such as Usability Testing, Benchmarking & Field Research. I was responsible for the redesign of Claro’s product sales system, focused on increasing conversion and user satisfaction. Always striving for the highest quality customer service.

My main outcomes and activities there were:
Launch of several improvements in the flow, in order to reduce errors.
Definition of the information architecture for both desktop and mobile applications.
Remove fields that are not relevant for business or users.
Addition of ‘new goods’ select methods.
Reduction in time taken to complete a sale.
User Testing and Research (Quantitative and Qualitative).
Help the consolidation of an internal customer focus and design culture.

Tools used


Design Thinking

Design thinking sessions were held over three days with the business area, stakeholders and users. With the objective of understanding Claro’s current sales process, fostering new application ideas and finding a solution to the problem.

In these sessions three types of a user journey were built to understand and describe who the personas were. There are four different channels: retail, telesales, stores and authorized agent, so 4 personas were created to represent each channel and the need for each one. 

Mapping the product

After many stakeholder interviews, I created a flowchart for the previous sales process and the new suggestion. In addition to helping the official team to make the delivery roading map.

Simplified activation was introduced to both improve and reduce the sales process, integrating three systems on a single platform.

Thinking about one of the activation methods

The persona with the most complete flow is the store. For Julia I created the following flows: activation with a number of options such as portability and migration, activation with dependent and activation with device. I have detailed the development of the activation with one or more dependent, which I carried out together with the team and stakeholders.


Together with the functional team I did an interview with users by phone to describe and get a better understanding of flow activation with dependent. Then we held a brainstorming session for building the wireframe to the new flow. In addition l discussed the viability of implementing some new features with the architects, as we were redesigning the legacy platform.

Digital prototypes

After designing the flow, together with the team, I developed a low-fidelity prototype, which I used to carry out usability tests with store sellers. Below you can see the flow video but without the dependent option.

In the Offers section the user will have an option to include or remove dependents in the sales process. Each dependent you enter will have a tab to input the phone data in the resources section and in the Offers section you can select the desired products.

Results & learning

For the first time, I had the opportunity to work together with a functional team and structure a legacy system. Following the pilot tests that were implemented by some stores the time in the sales process was reduced by at least 30%, in addition to making users and customers happier.

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